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Afflora's Top 10 Most Read Blog Posts of 2017

As 2017 comes to a close, I am so thankful to all of you who continue to regularly visit the Afflora Financial Life Planning blog, and have been kind enough to share my articles with your friends and family as well (which I greatly appreciate!). 

I thought I would take a trip down memory lane and compile some of my most read blog posts from 2017 that you might have missed. So, whether you’re new to the blog or simply haven’t had the time to keep up with everything, I hope that some of these will (still) be useful for you! In the meantime, I hope you’re having a safe and happy holiday season. Thanks again for another successful year in 2017 and may 2018 bring you AFFLORA: A Financially Fit Life that Offers Real Abundance!

1. Social Security: When Should You Claim Yours?

Social Security: When Should You Claim Yours?

Social Security is a key part of retirement income for those who are eligible for a benefit. Deciding when is the right time to claim your benefit can be overwhelming. Here are some factors to consider.

2. Avoid These Mistakes When Hiring a Financial Advisor

Avoid These Mistakes When Hiring a Financial Advisor

Regardless of why you are seeking the advice of a financial advisor, make sure that you do your homework and avoid these mistakes when selecting an advisor for you and your family. Selecting the right financial advisor can be the start of a rewarding experience for both your finances and the quality of your life. Selecting the wrong advisor can be frustrating and costly to you.

3. How Much Money Do I Need To Retire?

How Much Money Do I Need To Retire?

The question itself is simple enough. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t so simple. There is no one-size-fits all solution that ensures you’ll have a comfortable retirement.

4. Can Money Buy Happiness?

Can Money Buy Happiness?

Money can’t buy happiness. We’ve all been told this at some point in our lives. It’s an adage that’s intended to guide us toward aspects of our life that aren’t material. However, I don’t believe that this age-old notion holds true as a universal rule.

5. Why You Should Invest Even in Peak Markets

Why You Should Invest Even In Peak Markets

With the stock market continuing to hit new highs, people often ask if they should wait to invest in the stock market. If they are already invested, they are worried about when the next correction will come. Here are a few thoughts on investing in today’s or any market environment.

6. Medicare Mistakes to Avoid

5 Medicare Mistakes To Avoid

Before you enroll, it’s important to make sure you’re avoiding these five costly Medicare mistakes!

7. How to Plan for an Unexpected Early Retirement

How To Plan For An Unexpected Early Retirement

You plan AND plan AND plan for retirement. But what happens when it takes you by surprise? Here's some tips to make sure you are prepared and help you deal with an unplanned early retirement.

8. How Safe is My Pension?

How Safe Is My Pension?

Over the last few years we’ve heard about the financial difficulties facing many public and private pension plans. Here’s what you need to know about your pension’s safety as well as considerations before taking your pension.

9. How to Ask for a Cable Discount

How to Ask for a Cable Discount

Most likely, you’re paying way too much for cable. Here’s 5 quick & easy tips on how to ask for a cable discount!

10. Is Your Financial Advisor The F Word

Is Your Financial Advisor The F-Word?

THE REALITY IS...NOT ALL FINANCIAL ADVISORS ARE CREATED EQUAL. If you are like most people, you're probably confused by the long list of advisor titles. That's not to mention trying to sort out the alphabet soup of credentials after the person's name.

Getting on track for retirement doesn’t have to be confusing.

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Desmond Henry, financial advisor in Topeka, KS

Desmond Henry is a fee-only CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and founder of Afflora Financial Life Planning in Topeka, Kansas. He helps the retiring/retired plan their finances and invest their money. CLICK HERE to learn more.