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How to Ask for a Cable Discount

Most likely, you’re paying way too much for cable. Well did you know that with a relatively quick call to a customer service rep, your cable bill can be easily bargained down. Here’s 5 quick tips on how to ask for a cable discount:


1.) Before You Call- Do Your Homework!

Before calling your cable provider, know the lowest going rate for your services. This shouldn’t be too hard to do with all the mailers you get or even just a quick visit to the competitor’s website. Doing your homework beforehand will give you the leverage you need to make an effective case on why they should bring your current rate down.


2.) Get To The Decision Makers!

Generally speaking, the first customer service rep you speak to won’t have access to offer the best deals. It’s ok to threaten to cancel your services as a bargaining tool here because they’ll transfer you on to their “retention/cancellations department”. Once you’ve reached this department, now is the time to begin negotiations because these folks have greater flexibility to work with you in order to keep your business.


3.) Remember Why You Called.

It’s not uncommon for cable company reps to try and entice you with freebies such as free premium channels. I’ve also experienced where they try and upsell you additional unwanted services i.e. a telephone landline (do people still have those?) to get you a lower “bundled price” that actually ends up costing you more.  Just remember the purpose of the call is to LOWER your bill.


4.) Play Nice!

Getting angry or frustrated when you’re trying to negotiate won’t do you any favors here (even if its justified). Remember, the folks on the other side of the phone are human and get yelled at all day.  So it’s a pleasant surprise when they talk to someone who is polite. Being courteous only increases the likelihood they’ll want to help you.


5.) Don’t leave empty handed.

Sometimes your first attempt may not result in long term savings depending on which rep you got connected to or no promotions currently being offered.  No worries, try back again in a month. However, it’s not uncommon for reps to offer you a break in the form of a one-time credit so don’t be afraid to ask for one due to financial hardship or even just for your customer loyalty. 

About the Author:

Desmond Henry, a financial planner in Topeka, KS

Desmond Henry is a fee-only CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and founder of Afflora Financial Life Planning in Topeka, Kansas. He helps the retiring/retired plan their finances and invest their money. CLICK HERE to learn more.